Incredibly Inspirational, Inc. Empowering Mind, Body and Spirit
 Incredibly Inspirational, Inc.Empowering Mind, Body and Spirit

About Us

Katherine Erickson, LCSW

Incredibly Inspirational was founded by Katherine Erickson, LCSW.  The idea to form this agency occurred after a long discussion about the need for quality behavioral health services to be provided to clients who self-pay or are covered by private insurance. Katherine has several years of experience providing services  under County Department of Mental Health Programs.  This experience led to the recognition of the need for similiar quality behavioral health services in the private sector to be provided for working class adults, children and families.   While there is a strong network of providers for clients who are on medical, the services that are available for clients with private insurance are more fragmented and difficult to access.  Clients are often faced with long waiting list or practices which are not accepting new clients. Practitioners range in skills from novice to exceptional.  We hope to bridge this gap by creating localized quality services which are clinically informed by progressive treatment modalities that are effective and easy to access.  


The name for our business, Incredibly Inspirational grew out of two different ideas.  The first centered around the fact that on a day to day basis we see incredibly brave people overcoming their own struggles and challenges, which is so very inspirational.  The best example of this is our military veterans who are returning from their tour of service.  Despite both physical and mental wounds, they are determined to fight on and work to assimilate back into their homes and communities.  As a society we finally seem to recognize the importance of supporting our veterans as they adjust to civilian life and we are starting to develop programs to assist veterans in this process. The work has just begun and we still have a long way to go. 


Second, we wanted to acknowledge the many incredible mentors we have worked with throughout our careers and how we would not be where we are today without the great inspiration of so many talented and knowledgeable leaders. Our hope is to pass this experience and knowledge onto new leaders and clinicians.  As such we wanted to create an agency which allows for the continued development and provision of quality clinical services and continuing education within our local communitites.  


In accordance with the ACA, Incredibly Inspirational has been structured to allow for integrated care where clients are viewed from a holistic  perspective, taking into account physical, mental, cultural and spiritual factors associated with each client/family's life experience.


In addition, we hope to dispel the stigma and negative myths associated with traditional mental health services by making these services more user friendly and personable. Our therapist have advanced training in various modes of therapy, including but not limited to Trauma informed, Family, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral.  Our facilities are relaxed and comfortable and easily accessible by car or bus.  Finally our offices are open early mornings, evenings and weekends so as to fit in with your school and/or work schedule.  


In closing,  our services are designed and implemented in a manner which celebrates the human spirit, supports the unique aspects of every individual/family and ensures the best use of therapeutic time.  As an agency, we hope through our interventions to strengthen/empower individuals/families as well as the surrounding community and environment.

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9/23/15 - CIGNA:  We are happy to announce that we can now take Cigna clients.


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