Incredibly Inspirational, Inc. Empowering Mind, Body and Spirit
 Incredibly Inspirational, Inc.Empowering Mind, Body and Spirit

Co-Located Therapist- Long Beach

The following therapist, are not employed by Incredibly Inspirational, Inc., however they do offer services at  our Long Beach office .  Contact therapist directly for services.

Valerie Macy-Hurley, LCSW

Offering in-person and tele-health

Clients served: All ages

(562) 684-6036

For as long as I can remember, helping others through compassion and connection has been my calling. With 18+ years of experience guiding people of all ages and walks of life to overcome mental health challenges (including anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD & ADHD) I have the expertise you’re looking for. I also have extensive experience supporting people living with acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as bereavement and trauma (I am trauma-informed-care certified). Years of experience working with diverse populations have fueled my passion for helping others navigate social inequities contributing to their mental health struggles.

My goal is to help you/your child create positive and lasting change by providing a safe space to identify and overcome barriers to living your best life. I believe in using a strengths based approach, empowering you/your child to build upon your unique abilities while learning to honor & trust yourself in the process. Together we can build your communication and coping skills.
I fundamentally believe that with the right help, we can all reach our full potential. I am committed to bringing compassion, authenticity, an open-mind and sense of humor to each session. We will work together in a safe and nurturing environment to establish relevant goals and a treatment plan tailored to guide you on your journey to wholeness and well-being.

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