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Links to Music Videos

When you go to a Spa the scene is set with relaxing music, fresh, healthy snacks and herbal teas.  These are all things that you can do for yourself at home or in your office, maybe between your spa visits.  Take a look and see if you find anything that works for you.


The following are links to music videos which can be found on YouTube:


Instrumental Music:


Relaxing Piano:


Tibetian Singing Bow:


Indian Background Flute Music:


Calming Music:


Rain and Native American Flutes:


Relaxing Piano:


Rivere Oiseaux Foret Cascade:


Chi Activation Music:


Study Aid for Super Learning and Memory:


Miracle Tone:


Healing Music:






9/23/15 - CIGNA:  We are happy to announce that we can now take Cigna clients.


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