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 Incredibly Inspirational, Inc.Empowering Mind, Body and Spirit

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Adolescents in this modern age face multiple stressors.  Living in a highly competitive society with advanced technology results in added stress for teens as they seek to find their place in life.  The internet and media send powerful messages to teens surrounding image, status and values, provides adolescents with information beyond their develomental level and creates opportunities for exploitation and bullying.  While family members have great intentions in wanting to help, teens often feel more comfortable speaking in a confidential setting with someone who has a neutral  voice in their situation.  We highly regard the issue of confidentiality for teens and strive to help family members find a safe middle ground where issues can be discussed.



9/23/15 - CIGNA:  We are happy to announce that we can now take Cigna clients.


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