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Progressive Parenting

Progressive Parenting Classes:

Raising children in this day and age is not easy.  The increased availability of advanced technology as well as the powerful influences portrayed in the media make it more and more difficult for parents to maintain an upper hand in the parental role.  Working parents are faced with competitive work environments which demand long work hours making the balancing of family life very challenging.  Children feel extreme pressure to succeed in this highly competitive society and may less frequently look to parents and family for the answers to general life questions.  Children and teens frequently report feeling stressed and anxious about school and family issues.

The Parent Educators at Incredibly Inspirational are aware of the complex situations faced by Modern families.  Our parenting strategies are based on realistic expectations and practical hands on guidance.  Parents will be shown methods for applying sensible rewards and consequences in an effective manner.

Child developmental issues, including discussions on temperment and personality as they interplay with behavior and motivation will be discussed and parents will be assisted in understanding the meaning behind their child's behavior. Other factors such family culture/values and environmental factors will be considered as we assist parents in developing the skills needed to raise a well adapted child.





9/23/15 - CIGNA:  We are happy to announce that we can now take Cigna clients.


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