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Child Psychotherapy

If you have concerns or questions about your child's social-emotional development, we are equipped and ready to help.  Research shows that early intervention is very effective at handling issues of low self-esteem, inability to self-regulate, shyness/separation anxiety, social skills and sadness/ depression.  Major life changes such as trauma, loss of a loved one, divorce and family separation can be very stressful to children, who often blame themselves for the situation or loss.  We help children put these changes into perspective so that they can feel more empowered and have a better sense of control over their lives.  For younger children, we find that play and art therapy offer venues to work through emotions and express feelings which may be difficult to speak about.  For older children and teens we incorporate cognitive behavioral techniques and solution focused approaches in order to modify behavior and disruptive thinking. Our staff will make schools visits and will collaborate with Primary Care Practitioners in order to coordinate services.



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